Dr. Godfrey Etyang Siu

Name: Dr Siu Godfrey, PhD

Position/Title: Lecturer

I obtained a PhD in Medical Sociology and Anthropology from the University of Glasgow, UK 2013, and a Master of Science Degree in International Health (MIH) from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark 2004. I also hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Adult and Community Education (BACE, First Class) from Makerere University, Uganda 2003. My PhD research titled ‘Dividuality, masculine respectability and reputation: exploring the link between men's uptake of HIV treatment and their masculinity in rural eastern Uganda’, examined men’s health seeking behaviour for HIV in a gold mining area in Busia district. He has published several articles from this work.

Research interests

My broad interests are concerned with the potential health contribution that an explicit focus on gender, masculinity, and parenting can bring to men, women and their families. My current work involves developing and evaluating interventions to reduce gender based violence, improving parenting outcomes, and exploring the experiences of living with HIV and ART.

Honours/ Awards

  • Grant Award of US$ 50,000 to implement project on Prevention of Violence Against Children – A health worker perspective 2015 – Funder: Oak Foundation
  • Grant award of USD$ 6,000 to support the implementation of parenting intervention to reduce violence and child maltreatment in Uganda – Funder: University of Glasgow
  • Grant award of US$130,000 to implement a community based parenting intervention to reduce SGBV in Uganda 2013-2016 – Funder:SVRI & Bernard van Leer Foundation
  • Post-Doc 2013 Fellowship –Funder:MRC/UVRI Uganda Research Unit on AIDS
  • PhD Studentship 2008-2012 – Funder:MRC/UVRI Uganda Research Unit on AIDS
  • Masters of International Health 2003 Scholarship – Funder: DANIDA -TORCH

Peer Reviewed Publications

  1. Siu GE, Wight D & Seeley J. ‘Dented’ and ‘Resuscitated’ Masculinities: the impact of HIV diagnosis and/or enrolment on antiretroviral treatment on masculine identities in rural eastern Uganda. SAHARA J. 2014; 11(1):211-21.
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